I am president of Me (mykundalini) wrote in wemakebreath,
I am president of Me

segregate the mind/from body/from soul

i guess i shall be the first to post. I am a bit shy. but the idea of it not being "so exposed" gives me that push. i dont know all of sarah's friends, but i hope we all connect with this community...
any ideas, or suggestions, PLEASE tell me. i want this to be a group effort also. background ideas, intrests you want to add to the user info send them to me at mylilacmess@yahoo.com
you can start a picture, and ask anyone who wants to post a certain body part, who wants to partake... make it fun ladies!! :)
ok, now on with the pictures. just so you know. my names Heather. i'm from Florida :) and i hope to become more self confident <3

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